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Many parents find that classes are a more affordable way to test the interest and ability of their children before committing to private lessons, and some students learn better in a group setting for the initial stages.  Periodically Allegro School of Music offers introductory classes on piano, violin, or guitar generally for elementary-aged children either at one of our studios or an off-site location, or remotely on Zoom.

Introduction to Piano
Introduction to Guitar
Introduction to Violin
Introduction to Percussion

This fun introduction to playing the piano balances keyboard time with learning basic music theory, improving overall musicianship and encouraging the learning process. Students must have access to a full sized keyboard or piano at home for practice and are encouraged to bring their keyboards to class. Students will receive a piano book, practice CD and assignment folder. In addition, students who do not bring their own keyboard to class will have access to a keyboard or piano during class.

Learn the basics of playing the guitar in a fun group setting. Hand position, chording, melodies, note reading, tabs and more will be covered. Students will receive a guitar book and assignment folder, but must provide own guitar.

Learn the basics of playing violin, including tending to proper care of the instrument and utilizing effective practice techniques. This class will focus on promoting a fun and encouraging learning environment with peers as students learn to play with a beautiful tone and develop their ears. Students will receive a book and an assignment folder, but must provide their own violin with shoulder rest. Parents of interested students should contact Allegro School of Music for information on obtaining a properly fitting, fully- functional violin that will give the student the best chance for success in the class. The final class will be a presentation to friends and family to show student growth from the beginning of the class to the end.

This fun and interactive class will introduce students to the world of percussion, and give
them the fundamental skills necessary to continue studying in private lessons or school
band. The main focus of the class will be on learning to read rhythms and proper snare
drum technique, and students will also be introduced to drum set, xylophone, and
percussion traditions from around the world. Each student will receive a snare drum
method book, but are expected to bring their own drum sticks and practice pads
(recommendations below). All other instruments will be provided.
Recommended Sticks: Vic Firth American Classic 5B with Wood Tip
Recommended Practice Pad: Vic Firth 6” Single Sided Practice Pad

Here is what we are offering for the Winter/Spring Session.  Contact us today to see what we are planning for future sessions!

Winter/Spring Session

Financial assistance is available for studio classes; contact us for more information!

We are also offering the following classes through our community partner:

Rockford Community Services: Intro to Guitar, Intro to Piano (Level 1 & 2)

For more information and to register for classes through our community partner, please visit their website.

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